White Smoke Motorsports Events


White Smoke Dyno Party, Car Show & Cookout


Dyno Competition Registration ($100.00)

You heard it right, a dyno party. We are bringing a dyno home to the valley and what better way to celebrate then a weekend of dyno runs, exhaust comp, car show and a cookout at the shop. We only have 50 spots for dyno runs so get your place in line before they are all gone.
Car Show & Exhaust Competition Registrations will be available at the shop the day of the event.


1. Exhaust Competition: Loudest exhaust wins (Prize: WSM Swag)
Entry Fee $10.00
2. Car Show (Catagories and prizes will be controlled by event charity)
Entry Fee $TBD
3. Dyno Competition: Most Power HP+TQ Wins (Prize: WSM Swag & $150 WSM Gift Certificate)
Entry Fee $100.00

"Event Schedule"

Day 1: Dyno Competition
Day 2: Dyno Competition, Exhaust Competition, Carshow & Cookout
Day 3 Dyno Competition (Pending if all 50 spots are filled)
"Dyno Party, Car Show & Cookout Date October 6th - 8th 2017"
Call (540) 221-6299 or text (540) 820-7815 For any questions.